Gerrish Swim School 

Gerrish Resort and Swim Club provides private swim lessons for all levels throughout the Summer (ages 3 to adult). Each lesson is 25 minutes long and offered weekly from Tuesday – Friday. Classes are Tues/Thurs, Wed/Fri or Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri.

Our fantastic fun-loving staff teach your child to the love the water and be water safe while making forward movement in the water. For beginner swimmers the emphasis is on safety skills, floating, beginning strokes, breathing and general fun and enjoyment of the water.  *Class times may change due to pool overcrowding.*

Each little swimmer must master specific skills before progressing on to the next level, regardless of the child’s age. Repetition repettion repetition helps with muscle memory and assisting swimmers progressing to the next level.

Stage 1 – Jellyfish

Developed for those who are brand new to swimming with little or no water experience.  The Jellyfish level of swim lessons are perfect for those who have no prior experience. In this class, children learn to hold their breath and put their faces in the water. They also develop a bond with and trust for their instructor, as they build the courage to jump from the stairs to their instructor and get back to the stairs. Goals: Submerge face, blow bubbles, open eyes underwater, retrieve an object, bob up and down 5 times and move around playing in the water.  Kicking and floating are introduced to self-propel to the steps or side of pool.  Back & front floats becoming comfortable on back. Students will feel more ease in the water.

Reaching Toward Teacher                           Gliding With face In the Water

Kicking Feet                                                 Reaching and Kicking To the Wall or Instructor

Rolling Over – Back to Front                       Calling For Help


Stage 2 – Clownfish

Progressing from the Jellyfish stage, children in this level are already proficient in blowing bubbles and putting their faces in the water. They are comfortable in the water, now is the time to use that boosted confidence and introduce waterproofing skills. Introduce self-propulsion on stomach and back with kicking and fining, pick up head to breathing (3 times), and jumping into the water. Goals: floating independently fetch toys underwater, and perform basic strokes with the help of their instructor. In this stage, they grasp rhythmic breathing and explore the freestyle stroke.

All of the Above Skills                                            Open Eyes Underwater

Recover Object From Underwater                         Breathe and Blow With Face in the Water

Kick and Use Arms with Face in the Water           Jump Off Side Of Pool And Swim To Instructor

Breathe and Blow While Swimming and Taking 3 Breaths Unassisted


Stage 3 – Tadpole

To advance into the Tadpole stage, swimmer is comfortable in the water, can swim ten feet on his/her own and can take at least 3 breaths. Emphasis is on developing such skills as front crawl with rhythmic side breathing, elementary backstroke, and backstroke, with an introduction to diving. Level 3 classes teach them how to float on their back without assistance, move independently from the front floating position to a back float position, and kick in streamline for 15 feet. Additionally, children further develop their freestyle stroke by beginning to learn how to side breath with assistance from the instructor. Goals: Arms are out of the water making windmill motions (freestyle), float on back unassisted coordinating arms and legs.

All Above Skills Mastered                                    Several Breaths While Swimming     

Rhythmic Bobbing                                               Unassisted Back Float                        

Jump Off Deck And Swim To Instructor               Begin Elementary Backstroke     

Jump Off Deck And Swim To Side Of Pool          Begin Deep Water Exploration

Begin Arm Circles And Side Breathing


Stage 4 – Guppy

For the child who has mastered the skills of front crawl with side breathing, and  elementary backstroke, but needs work on strength. Emphasis is on rotary breathing, backstroke, and other advanced strokes. Advanced skills are introduced such as sculling and treading water. Already able to float on their backs, transition from front floats to back floats, and perform assisted side breathing, Level 4 classes progress children’s strength and technique. Here, children begin to kick in streamline on their front and back. They develop their backstroke and learn to swim freestyle with unassisted side breathing. Additionally, they start developing diving skills by performing sit dives.

All Above Skills Mastered                                    Bobbing To Safety

Jump Off Deck And Swim In Deep water            Work On Endurance (swimming pool width)

Elementary Backstroke                                       Over-arm Crawl With Side Breathing

Introduce Breaststroke Components                   Tread Water (egg beaters)

Introduce diving                                                  


Stage 5 – Dolphin

Students entering the Dolphin classes are moving through the water unassisted with skill. Students must be comfortable in the water and must know the components of the front crawl and backstroke. Emphasis is on refinement of these strokes with front crawl breathing, along with elementary backstroke kick, with an introduction to diving and treading water. Now, they begin to learn new techniques, including the breaststroke and butterfly kick. They also graduate from sit dives to knee dives. Goals: Freestyle (15 yards), side-breathing (5), Backstroke kick with float (15 yards). Introduce sidestroke.

Stage 6 – Whales

The final stage before “Pre Team”, children finalize the development of their core swimming skills. In this Stage students become proficient at all four competitive strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Additionally, they learn to become comfortable with deck dives. Goals: Students must be able to perform correctly the front crawl with side breathing, and backstroke. Students will learn sidestroke, breaststroke, and butterfly kick, along with treading water and turns.