Health First Fitness Club Aquatics: Where Education Meets Fitness 

SOL Dive Team

Sol Dive Team wants to enhance lives at a place where education meets fitness. In a diverse community of athletes, we will provde a dynamic and high quality dive program. SOL will also stimulate the development and growth of the youth in the region through training, education, and fun We will strive to maintain an athlete centered program that trains in a manner that will reinforce high self-esteem, team-work, physical fitness and respect for self and others. 


This group is comprised of divers with little to no previous experience. Emphasis is placed on developing the fundamentals of 1 meter diving. The practices combine in the water and dryland drills, games, and exercises. This allows for divers to learn total body coordination to help their board work and mechanics. The practices are geared to create an enjoyable atmosphere for instruction. 

Workout days/times: Tuesday-Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

HFFC Members: $90/month, Non-HFFC Members: $110/month

Intermediate Diving Group: 

The focus of this group is to continue the development of body mechanics and competitive rules with a training increase. The intermediate group will focus on developing skills to feel more comfortable on the 1 meter and progress to the 3 meter board. Success of each individual swimmer is based on an increased commitment level in attendance and practice effort.

Workout Days/Times: Tuesday-Thursday: 5:30-7:00 

HFFC Members: $115/month, Non-HFFC Members: $140/month

Competitive Diving Group 

The focus of this group is to continue the progression of board and body mechanics with an increased emphasis on training. This group continues dry land exercises with extra sessions with a certified strength coach. These swimmers are striving to maximize their diving abilities. Swimmers are also introduced to advanced team building and mental and physical training concepts. Goal setting and meet strategies are also developed in this group. Workouts are designed to improve dive power, techniques, and confidence.

Workout Days/Times: Tuesday-Thursday: 5:30-7:00 Strength workout: Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-4:00

HFFC Members: $130/month, Non-HFFC Members: $155/month