Health First Fitness Club Aquatics: Where Education Meets Fitness 

Here are some things for you to know.

Drop Off and Pick Up: Parents are not required to stay during the practice but due to the location of the facility, we ask that all the parents of swimmers 15 years and younger escort their swimmers to and from the pool deck for every practice. This will ensure the safety of your swimmers since the facility is located on a college campus. If athletes are carpooling or has a sibling that is 15 years or older, they can be escorted by the adult that is driving or by the older sibling.

Entrance: Please use the main entrance of the club for access to the pool for swim practice.

Viewing Area: To ensure that your children are in the best learning environment, we ask that the parents who are staying to view practice, sit in the bleachers. This will ensure that all athletes are fully focused on the instruction and tasks at hand. Please keep questions for your coach either before or after practice so that they can keep instructing your child. 

Changing and Showering: There are 2 family changing rooms that are fully equipped with showers and restrooms designated for swim team participants. These family changing rooms can be accessed from the doors under the "Aquatics Complex" sign that leads to the fitness club. The locker rooms prohibit anyone under the age of 15 from accessing them. Therefore, the member locker rooms are not available for swim team use. There is an outdoor shower area that is available for use and outdoor restrooms that can be used for changing.

Weather: We do not cancel programs for weather with the exception of electrical storms. 

Parking: Parking for Health First Fitness Club Members is designated to parking lot J. Those who aren't members will be given a temporary parking permit monthly after dues are paid. SOL Swim Team is not responsible for parking violations given during swim team practice times.

Team Gear and Equipment

Practice: All swimmers are required to wear a competitive style swim suit/practice suit to all practices. No team suits allowed during practice. If your swimmer has long hair, they will need to wear a swim cap at both practices and meets. Goggles are required at practices for the swimmer's protection. Silver Group is required to have fins and hand paddles. Gold and Senior are required to have hand paddles, fins, and a snorkel. While there are pull buoys and kick boards to use for the day, it is highly recommended for the swimmer's to bring their own. 

Meets: Swimmers are expected to wear their team suits, team caps, and goggles to meets. Practice gear such as fins, paddles, and snorkel are not required or used at meets. 

Communication: Please consistently check the team website for updates. All information, registration forms, swim meets, directions, announcements are provided online. The coaches are your best source of information and don't be afraid to use them as a resource. There will be a weekly email that will be sent out so be sure to check your inbox as a well. If you or your swimmer has questions regarding daily schedules, workout times, swim meets, equipment, etc, you should contact your swimmer's direct coach. For any information related to financial or registration, please contact Coach Jennie.