Health First Fitness Club Aquatics: Where Education Meets Fitness 

Team Rules:

  1. At any time that you are involved in any club related activities (practice, swim meet, BBQ, travel) you are representing the entire club, your family and yourself. As such you are expected to conduct yourself in a mature manner-no foul language, poor sportsmanship, arguing with coaches or officials. 
  2. Theft, disrespect, destruction of property (yours or others), or degradation of people, places and or objects will not be tolerated. 
  3. Be respectful of all facilities used by the club, whether training or competition.
  4. Use of the club locker room is prohibited.
  5. Use, distribution, or sales of alcohol, drugs (controlled or illegal substances), weapons or tobacco will not be tolerated.
  6. No "deck changes" are allowed.
  7. All athletes must be picked up before coaches leave the facility.

Practice Rules

  1. Adhere to practice requirements.
  2. Arrive and leave at scheduled practice times. Arrive early if you need extra stretching or have question for the coaches.
  3. Let the coaches know if you will be missing several practices in a row.
  4. Be positive and supportive of all swimmers.
  5. Bring your equipment everyday. Do not borrow others without permission.
  6. Swim the complete practice to the best of your ability.
  7. All athletes must be picked up before coaches leave the facility.

Swim Meet Expectations:

  1. Obey all schedules and curfews.
  2. Be on time for warm-up and events.
  3. See coaches before and after each race-even relays.
  4. Be supportive of all swimmers no matter what team they are on. 
  5. Swim all events, prelims and finals unless excused by a coach. 
  6. Wear SOL Swim Team apparel.
  7. Bring any questions or concerns you have to the coaching staff.
  8. All athletes must be picked up before coaches leave the facility.

Safety Rules:

Athletes and coaches must respect and follow all pool and facility rules including but not limited to:

A. Enter the pool feet first

B. No pushing or running on the pool deck

C. No pushing others in the pool

Disciplinary Actions:

Disciplinary measures are enforced at the discretion of the coaching staff and depend upon severity and/or continued abuse of expectations, rules and regulations. The following is a list of possible consequences for breaking any part of Code of Conduct:

  1. meeting with coaches and/or parents
  2. temporary or permanent suspension of the team
  3. Dismissal from the trip and immediate return home at the athlete's expense (for travel meets)
  4. Disqualification from future travel meets
  5. Proceedings from a LSC or USA Swimming National Board Review