The Chico AquaJets Swim Team is a program run by the Chico Area Swim Association, a non-profit organization under the sanction of USA Swimming, Inc.    


The team’s mission is dedicated to the following objective:


Continuing a tradition of excellence

in the sport of swimming

… learn, compete,  and  enjoy!


The club vision is designed to accomplish our mission relative to nine essential core content areas:


Instruction must include:

        A stable coaching staff

        A variety of professional, quality, consistent instruction at all levels

        Provide a technique-based program

        Challenging swimmers to realize their full potential

        Technique time to those swimmers seeking 1-1 assistance

        Scaled instruction that focuses on fundamentals and matches individual skill levels


Competition must include:

Opportunities for all swimmers to be successful

Progress monitoring for swimmers as requested

Encouragement to participate in competition to validate instruction and effort in practice

Emphasis on individual as well as team aspects of competition


Environment/Team Identity must include:

Swimmers feel safe

Swimmers and families have fun

Every swimmer counts and contributes

We are a community-based organization

An inclusive, strong team identity/presence in the community and at meets through association with CAJ logo, colors, and team area

An environment that fosters team camaraderie

Opportunities are provided for swimmers and families to connect outside of practice and meets


Partnerships must include:

Community partners to further CAJ efforts (corporate, chico chamber, service groups, small business)

Alumni connection (CAJ Alumni Guild)

Giving back to our community by engaging in service projects


Facilities provided that have the following characteristics:

Safe and very well maintained (lighting, shade, handicap accessible, depth, etc).

Sanctioned to host invitational/championship meets (50 meter/25 yd)

Parking to host large events

Warm up pool

Built-in concession

Locker room facilities

Office on site

Adequate seating capacity and other equipment available for large meets

Ability to do technique time

Maintenance outsourced

Evaluation must include:

Evaluation of efforts relative to accomplishing our mission and vision

Adherence to fiscal responsibility (evaluating against our budget/financial planning)

A variety of data, not just a single source, to quantify the effectiveness of our efforts (demographic data over time, outcome of competition, parent questionnaire feedback, etc.)


Professional Learning must include:

Coaches and board members seeking out continued learning (information relative to best practices in instruction and operation)

Sponsor opportunities solicited for coaches to attend the professional growth opportunities that they see as essential to quality instruction

Opportunities for parent education (officials, timing, new parent orientation, etc)


Leadership defined by the following characteristics:

Shared board leadership with clearly defined roles, responsibilities

Encourage all who are interested to be involved

Adherence to fiscal responsibility

Roles and responsibilities linked to strategic planning and core operations

Clear policies and procedures provided for all aspects of organization

Detailed administrative and operational calendars

Solicit thought leaders for best practices (USA Swimming)


Communication includes:

Regular and comprehensive communication from coaches and board

New swimmer/family orientation to team, meets, etc.

Communicate the mission and vision, strategic areas of emphasis for planning, the plan, and leadership structure to all members

Using the website to communicate key information

Team policies that are clearly communicated to members

Communicate a clear calendar of events