NVAL & other Team Merchandise Orders

  • Check in with coaches Thursday & Friday for all team merchandise ordered for pick up. If your bag is missing or your invoice is highlighted – you likely ordered an adult sized NVAL championship T-shirt. Those needed to be reprinted. We will have the rest of the order on deck Saturday morning in Redding. Look for Danielle. Any merchandise not picked up at practice will be in Redding.


NVAL MEET THIS WEEKEND! Please refer to the email sent this week. Here are the highlights in case you need to a reminder:

  • WARM UPS: Saturday 8:00-8:45am, Sunday 7:15-8:00am. ALL SWIMMERS SHOULD BE READY 15 minutes before our assigned warm up time.
  • Spirit Packs available for $5
  • Extra NVAL Championship Tshirts (women’s fitted sizes only) available $15
  • Bring blue & white decorations for your EZ up & swimmer-made posters
  • We still have three chaperone shifts open – please sign up today! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0a45ada829a31-nval - I need to submit names Friday night and bracelets for volunteers will be given out at the meet.
  • Set up inside the Aquatic Center is allowed at 6:30am on Saturday, 7/31.
  • Bring water & healthy food & more water – it’s going to be a couple of long, hot days!
  • Join us at the team hotel Marriott Towneplace Suites 6pm Saturday for BYO dinner gathering.



  • Join us for our team BBQ at the PV Pool (next to Bidwell Junior High) 4:30-7:30pm – more details to come next week.
  • Swimming & games & food will all be there … join us!
  • We will be recognizing our top fundraisers from the Swim-a-ton and prizes earned from that event will be handed out.



  • There will be very few swimmers recommended for age-group move ups (promotion from one age group to another) before hiring a new Head Coach. It is not uncommon for a new coach to come in and evaluate the format of practices and make some changes – we’d like to keep things as stable as possible until that time. Coach Jaelyn will be notifying swimmers this week if a promotion is recommended and a follow-up email will be sent to the swimmer’s account.
  • Beginning 8/16, all Pre Senior and Senior practices will be combined. There will be NO move ups to the Senior group until November 1st. Swimmers who will be  participating on a high school swim team this fall are welcome to join Senior practice 8/2-8/14.



  • The summer schedule will end on Saturday, August 14th coordinated with the start of school for Chico Unified. A tentative fall schedule has been posted to the team website under “Practice Times”.
  • NOTE: there are changes to every group’s practice time. With high school having a later dismissal time this year we had to make adjustments to fit everyone in within our limited pool time at both In Motion & PV Pools. We hope there are no changes to the schedule and will notify you immediately if a change is necessary.



  • The dues we pay unfortunately do not cover our monthly expenses (which are mostly all tied to salaries and facility costs). Our fundraisers are a necessary function to ensure we meet our annual budget each year. The swim a thon was an all-team fundraiser. If your swimmer did not raise the required $50 amount, accounts will be charged this month.


AIR QUALITY – we’ve already had one day of canceled afternoon practices. Please keep an eye on your email if you notice the air seems particularly bad.  

  • Our policy on air quality:  CAJ/CASA follows the National Weather Service’s NWS Air Quality Forecast recommendations by monitoring https://www.airnow.gov. Our policy is to cancel practice when the AQI exceeds 150. Whenever possible, notification of a canceled practice will be sent one hour before practices are scheduled to begin. Any swimmer with sensitivities or asthma should use his/her own judgement before attending practice.



  • A minimum order must be met to order personalized caps. See order form you received via email and bring order form and check made out to CAJ to practice by 8/6/21.



  • For fins, suits, parkas, backpacks and other swim gear visit the Arena Online store on the CAJ website. Click on Team Sales, Chico Aquajets. Password: jetsswim_blue_arena1
  • CAJ CAPS: Chico Aquajets Swim Caps for sale for $10 with Coach Jaelyn. Team caps are required for swim meets.



  • Familiarize yourself with our Team Handbook located on the CAJ website under Join the Team.
  • We ask that parents continue to NOT sit behind the coaches on the far side of the pool; we find it is VERY distracting to the coaches and the swimmers.
  • Please continue to follow our guidelines regarding our Covid-19 policies. CAJ Covid-19 Guidelines. Swimmers should come to practice with their masks on and continue to encourage social distancing. Please bring a ziplock bag for your swimmer to put their mask in while they are swimming.
  • Looking for team gear? You can visit the Arena Online Store through the CAJ website or go directly here: http://www.sswfresno.com/
  • Click on Team Sales
  • Click on Chico Aquajets
  • Password: jetsswim_blue_arena1


SWIMMER ACCOUNT REMINDER: All swimmer fees are due on the 1st day of each month and considered late if not received by the 10th. A $10 late fee will be assessed for late payments. Notice of intent to discontinue swimming must be provided to the Chico AquaJets in writing by the 15th of the month prior to the date of inactivity in order to cancel monthly fees. Written notice should be provided through the "Contact Us" button on the CAJ website. Verbal notice to coaches is not sufficient. Any written notice occurring after the 15th of the month prior to desiring to discontinue will be charged the following month. Any hanging balances left will be billed and payment will be required prior to any re-registration.

*** Please note that swim meet participants who did their entries on our website will be charged through your account ***

  • BE ADVISED: if you discontinue your membership, there are NO spots guaranteed upon return as we continue to operate with a lengthy waiting list. 
  • CAJ WEBSITE: All members need to double check your Team Unify member account to assure your e-mail is correct and verified. We also need you to verify your SMS number, make sure you use dashes. This will ensure you receive ALL of our communications.
  • REMINDER FROM IN MOTION: If families discontinue their In Motion gym membership it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify In Motion that the swimmer is remaining an Aquajet swimmer. We’d also appreciate notification to the team through the “contact us” button so that our bookkeeper and membership coordinators are aware of your IMF membership status. This will assist in smooth entry to the club as well as accurate billing information for CAJ. Thanks!!
  • USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION: PLEASE READ! All CAJ swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. This membership is required for insurance purposes for our swimmers to participate in practice and in meets.  Please renew today at http://www.swim-smarter.com or use the Join the Team tab on our CAJ website for the link. Swimmers should not attend practice without current USA swimming registration. In order to compete in our upcoming meet, you must be up to date on your registration. All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year. As meets are highly encouraged, we suggest all all CAJ swimmers have a Premium membership $91.75 which allows swimmers to compete in all swim meets.



Your CAJ Board of Directors