Letter to our Chico swim community

Danielle Anderson

June 24, 2020


Dear Chico Swim Community,

 As we trickle back from our planet wide quarantine, we must remember to remain patient as every business and industry deals with new challenges. We have been given the green light to resume swim practices, which is a huge step in moving forward through this troubling time. That being said, we have to conduct swim practices in a safe and healthy way. This means fewer swimmers in each lane and in some instances less time in order to fit the schedule given to us by our facility providers.

I assure you this is not to punish any of our current and/or previous members, we simply have to ease ourselves back. We are hoping allow every swimmer whom wants to swim in the water by July 6th.  The Aquajets have a number of obstacles to navigate through during our opening. We have to follow the guidelines put forth by USA Swimming, Butte County, CDC, CARD, and In Motion.

I am excited for the day when all our swimmers are back and we can celebrate being the CHICO AQUAJETS.



Chris Daly