Why Swim with Lakewood Aquatics?

Lakewood Aquatics has a lengthy history of excellence, and the best is yet to come. With a stable and dedicated group of professional coaches, an aquatics board of highly motivated parents, and a growing and thriving team of 200+ athletes, Lakewood strives to continue growing, excelling, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the water, and beyond.

The majority of our program stays with the team throughout their entire aquatics career, which often starts from a young age in our learn to swim program. This loyalty and dedication to the program yields not just individual success, but also cultivates a larger, more encompassing aura of success among the swimmers and their families. Lakewood Aquatics is like a family, and we encourage those interested in pursuing their dreams and goals to see what the team is all about!

Lakewood Aquatics is in the business of developing people first, and athlete’s second. At all levels we work toward developing traits like character, focus, dedication, and devotion, and we strive to meld these traits into an athlete’s mindset in the pool, as well as how they carry themselves as young people in the real world. When our athlete’s graduate high school and move on from the program, many of them continue on to have successful collegiate swimming careers, but more importantly, they move on to have successful academic and professional lives.

In fact, nearly the entire current coaching staff at Lakewood (and many past coaches) grew up swimming for Lakewood Aquatics. Again, the loyalty and family atmosphere that surrounds the program creates a feeling of camaraderie and enjoyment of the swimming process that we believe is unique and appropriate for those looking to enhance their enjoyment and success in aquatics, as well as in their future lives.