Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where are Meets listed?

A:  Meet details are available from the Southern California Swimming website or on our Calendar page.  When the meet detail link is available it will be underlined and blue.

Q:  How do I enter a meet?

A:  Entry and registration for meets is processed electronically and submitted to Southern California Swimming as a TEAM.  To avoid missing swimmers and other administrative issues, we require a white card entry form AND a check payable to Lakewood Aquatics for each swimmer PRIOR to the meet.  

Entries and checks are normally due the FRIDAY before the SCS deadline written on the Meet detail. Lakewood Aquatics will write one check to SCS for the team.  

Q:  What do I do at our first meet?

A:  Arrive at the pool as instructed by your coach.  The coaches will have the swimmers warm-up as a team so it is important to arrive on time. The team will sit together in one place so look for some familiar faces and team canopies.  Find a place to put your swim bag, chair and/or blanket.  

Find the Meet Coordinator who will have the timing sign-up sheet and select a shift to time.  Each family is required to fill one shift.  The length of the shift is between 30 minutes to 1 hour and depends on the number of parents attending the meet.  Don’t worry about getting your swimmer to events on time, talk to another parent with a swimmer the same age as yours and trade-off.  The number of timers we are required to provide is directly proportional to the number of swimmers at the meet.  Your child’s presence helped create the timing obligation. Timing is not difficult, but if some parents refuse to participate it makes the responsibility much greater for the other parents. The Meet Coordinator will also be able to help you get settled and answer any questions you have.

Next, you much check in.  Even though you signed up for the meet and paid the fees, only swimmers that check in will be placed in a heat for their event.  This allows the meet to run quicker and more smoothly by avoiding empty lanes for swimmer that didn't show up. The check-in location varies at each pool - please ask a parent or a swimmer if you are unsure.  When you check-in, you will be given your event numbers.  Approximately 30 minutes before each event, check-in for that event will close.  You need to check-in each day that you swim at the meet. 

Get your cap and goggles and report to your coach for warm-up instructions.  The coach will start warm-up approximately 1 hour before the meet starts. 

While your swimmer is warming up, you might choose to purchase a meet program.  Meet programs list all swimmers in each event according to their entry time and will be available at the concession stand. The cost of a program is generally three to four dollars. 

After warming up, go back to the team area and wait/listen for your event.  It is important for swimmers to know their event numbers.  There will be a sign at our canopy area that shows the event number the meet is currently on. You may swim right away after warm-up, or may have to wait awhile. The meet will usually start about 10-15 minutes after warm-ups are over. 

Before a swimmer's event, the heat sheet will be posted. The Boys and Girls heat sheets are posted in separate locations - ask a parent or a swimmer if you are unsure where to go.  The heat sheet shows the heat and lane number for all swimmers participating in that event.  The number of heats in an event varies depending on the number of swimmers entered. 

After finding your heat and lane assignment, report to your coach.  Tell your coach in which event, heat and lane you are swimming.  The coach will discuss with you any last minute instructions and race strategy. 

Prior to your event, report to your lane, ready to swim.  Always check with the lane timer to be sure you are in the correct lane and heat.  Be sure to be on time for your event.  Missing your event may disqualify you from your next event or relay.

Swimmers are called to the starting position (in the water or on the blocks) by the Official blowing the long whistle.  The starter checks that all swimmers are motionless.  When all swimmers are set, the starting tone or beep is sounded to start the race.

After each swim, ask the timers for your time and then see your coach, warm down and return to the team area to wait for you next event. 

Normally, meets are limited to "the four hour rule", which means that the number of swimmers permitted to enter the meet is limited so that each session of the meet can be completed in four hours. However, this does not apply to Championship meets. With that in mind, you will probably want to bring a little cooler with drinks and snacks. Snack bars are provided at most meets by the host team where you can purchase breakfast, lunch and snacks.