Practice Schedule:

Cerritos College

Monday - Friday: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Saturday 8:00 - 10:00am

*** Updated 1/16/23

Monthly Dues: $145.00

  • Improve underwater kick speed and distance off the walls and incorporate this skill into race strategy
  • Train with more intensity during workouts and improved stroke efficiency
  • Know your stroke counts per length for all strokes and pay attention to stroke counts during training
  • Establish breathing patterns for racing and use them during practice
  • Need to be able to complete test sets 10x100 free @1:20, 5x200 IM @3:00, 6x100 flutter kick @1:45
  • Learn time management and good homework/study habits necessary to attend all practices without missing for school projects or tests
  • Introduction to nutrition and how a good diet and proper hydration leads to better training and racing
  • Advanced dry-land training including introduction of medicine balls, stretch cords and dumbbells
  • Understand the role of a teammate: high quality performance every day, perfect attendance, good body language, best effort in every set, and supportive words of encouragement during workout
  • Maintain attendance of 75% or better to remain in group
  • Must have 2 or more SCS JO time standards to qualify for group
  • Age 10-13