Los Gatos Swim Club Lessons

     Thank you for your interest in swim lessons at Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club (LGSRC). At LGSRC, we take great pride in our swim instruction and coaching. However, we provide the majority of our swim lessons in the summer, from roughly Memorial Day to Labor Day. Outside of the summer period, we have limited resources to provide swim lessons.
Please visit our new lesson platform here. We will not be using Teamunify for swim lesson sign ups this summer:  https://lgsrc.captyn.com/
Questions? Email [email protected]
Listed below are the coaches that are currently available year round outside of our summer program the type of instruction they provide and the rate that LGSRC charges for those lessons:
In Water Swim Instruction for Childern, typically for new swimmers
Coach Brady (Email to book)
$40 for 30 minute lesson Members of LGSRC ONLY

In-water personal coaching for adult swimmers, from beginners

to more experienced swimmers & triathletes looking to improve

their mechanics.


Michael Postek (e-mail to book)

[email protected]


$40 for 30-minute lesson - Members of LGSRC ONLY


"Having become a proficient swimmer since starting at the age of 43, my passion is

to help you enjoy this wonderful physical activity, for life. While taking a goal-based

approach, I will guide you to improve your fundamentals and mechanics using

demonstrations and real-time feedback."  -Michael

Coached lesson from the pool deck, typically for adults or competitive swimmers looking to improve their efficiency
Coach Giuliana (Email to book)       
$95 for 1 hour lesson      
Members of LGSRC ONLY   
Coach Nick (Email to book)         Coach Tom (Email to book)
[email protected]                       [email protected]
$95 for 1 hour lesson                 $95 for 1 hour lesson
Members of LGSRC ONLY            Members of LGSRC ONLY
Please feel free to contact one of the coaches listed above for the type of lesson you desire