Workout Times


Members of LGSRC are welcome to attend any group x class for free. Masters is included in group excercise. Members may bring guests to Masters workouts if they pay the 15 dollar guest fee at the front desk. USMS Membership is not required to swim in any Masters workout but is highly encouraged. 

LGSRC offers Masters swim practice in the morning 

MWF 5:30AM-6:30AM

TTH 9:30AM-10:30AM

SAT 7:00AM-8:30AM

All skill levels and ages 18- 99 are welcome!

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MWF 5:30AM-6:30AM


Mondays: Aerobic Free

Wednesdays: Aerobic IM

Fridays: Sprint Free


Example Workout:

Wednesday Aerobic IM

"The ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves" - Iron Mike Ditka


4 x 133 Best Stk (Snorkel optional) 33 Kick, 33 right arm, 33 left arm, 33 swim DPS perfect form

Main: 2 rounds of the following

2 x 3:00FR Fast

4 x 2:15 Brt Faster

4 x 66 Bk Fastest 

4 x 33 Fly Sprint 

Warm down

1 x400



TTH 9:30AM-10:30AM


Tuesdays: Freestyle Sprint & Mid Distance Free

Thursdays: IM Work


Example Workout:

Thursday IM Work


400 Free


4x50 BuBdEF (Build up, Build down, EZ, Fast)

500 IM (See below)

100 IM Kick

100 IM Drill

100 IM Right arm only

100 IM Left arm only

100 IM swim

400 Free Pull

4x100 Free swim decend 1-4


200 EZ





Saturdays: Areboic Choice

Drop ins Welcome! Any level swimmer welcome! Any age 18 +- 99 welcome!