Frequently Asked Questions


What group should my child swim with?

The groups are separated by age into 3 groups: minis, juniors, and seniors.

Minis - 8 and under

Juniors - 9-11

Seniors - 11-18

The coaches will adjust these groups based on skill level. (ex. a 7 year old who can make the intervals and understand the expectations of the junior group may be moved up)


What gear do swimmers need to bring to practice?

All swimmers need to come to practice prepared with their swimsuit, cap, and goggles on, and carrying their gear bag containing their snorkel, paddles, buoy, and fins. Kickboards are provided but swimmers must grab their own before entering the pool.


Do swimmers have to attend every practice?
It is not mandatory for swimmers to attend every practice. We understand that some swimmers have academics that take priority, and others that do other sports, which is encouraged! We do recommend coming to practice at least 2-3 times a week to see improvement.


Can I photograph and film my childs practices?

No, parents are not permitted to take photos or videos during swim practice, but they are welcome to watch.


My child just joined the team but is having a hard time making friends! Help!

It may seem hard at first to make friends because swimmers can't talk while they are swimming, but the best way to make friends is to come to as many practices as possible and hang out with their teammates before and/or after practice. We also recommend attending as many team events and team dinners as possible. This is where swimmers get to know each other! 


What kind of team events happen throughout the season?

This summer we have many fun events, including an ice cream social, trip to raging waters, a crazy wacky relay meet, and many more! You can see the whole schedule here.


The weather is really bad, how do i know if practice will be cancelled?

It depends how bad. Our team practices rain or shine, cold or warm, but practice will be cancelled if rain or wind gets so bad that coaches cannot see the bottom of the pool, or if there is thunder and lightning.


Can my child join the team without knowing all of the strokes?

Yes! All olympic swimmers started somewhere! The only requirement is that every swimmer is water safe and able to swim one half of a lap without stopping or holding onto a lane line or wall.


Should my child participate in swim meets?

Yes! Swimming in meets is a great way to build confidence and experience something new! It is also a great way to track your child's progress and for coaches to give feedback on technique and racing strategies.


What should I take to my first swim meet?

Multiple towels, team suit, team cap, goggles, parka, sweats and sweatshirts, socks and boots, healthy snacks, and water!

You can find more information in Swim Meet Procedures.


When is the next swim meet?

You can check all of the meets scheduled for the summer here

Coach Shelbi will also be posting on TeamFeed when each swim meet opens for registration.


Do I have to volunteer?

Yes! Summer meets cannot work without the help of all parents working together. It is mandatory for all parents to volunteer at every swim meet. Volunteer info can be found here, and sign ups will be emailed every week.


What can I do to help my child improve their times and get first place?

We know that this question comes from a good place, but the most important thing you can do as a parent is support your swimmers regardless of their times and what place they get. Many swimmers do not improve their times at every meet they attend. For the coaches, seeing better technique or doing a flip turn for the first time is much more important than just winning a race.


What is USA swimming?

“USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for competitive swimming in the United States. [It] is responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming in the United States. USA Swimming formulates the rules, implements the policies and procedures, conducts the national championships, disseminates safety and sports medicine information and selects athletes to represent the United States in international competition.” 


Why is registration required for USA swimming?

Swimmers cannot participate in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets without being registered.


How do I stay updated with team events and notifications?

Teamfeed is a great way to keep updated about current team events and notifications, such as meets opening or team dinners. We recommend the OnDeck app, so you can access information on the go and receive notifications when coaches post.


Help! I am new to the sport, what do all these new words mean?
Don't worry, swim talk can be confusing! For more information on what “butterfly drill” or “heat two” or “50s on the minute” means, check out our swim terminology page.