Don Garman

The Gold Group is the next step in the development of Armada age-group swimmers.  The practices are designed to build strength, endurance and to continue teaching proper stroke mechanics and racing strategies to our younger athletes.

Swimmers are expected to attend all group designated meets with a special emphasis on the championship meets at the end of the Short Course and Long Course seasons.  The swimmers work hard and have fun becoming the best they can be.

Gold Group

Mallory Joshua Rachel  
Moody Anthony Cassie  
Jeremiah   Didi  
Charlotte Irene   Connor
Natalie   Keyon  

Meet Schedule

Date Meet Location Due Date Effort
9/14-15/2019 Commerce BRW SC Commerce   Optional
10/12-13/2019 Bellflower BRW SC Bellflower   Optional
11/2-3/2019 Downey BRW SC Downey   Optional
12/7-8/2019 Trident BRW SC Rowland HS   Optional
12/13-15/2019 Winter Age Group Palm Springs   Team Effort
1/25-26/2020 Commerce BRW SC Commerce   Optional
2/22-23/2020 RW SC Festival Meet Bellflower   Team Effort
3/7-9/2020 Blue-Up Metro Champs Lakewood   Team Effort
3/12-14/2020 SC JO's Rose Bowl   Team Effort
4/4-5/2020 Cerritos BR LC Cerritos   Optional
4/18-19/2020 Beach RW SC Beach   Optional
5/2-3/2020 BR LC TBA   Optional
5/16-17/2020 RW SC TBA   Optional
6/6-7/2020 BR LC Downey   Optional
6/11-14/2020 June Age Group La MIrada   Team Effort
6/27-28/2020 RW SC TBA   Optional
7/10-12/2020 Metro Champs LC La Mirada   Team Effort
7/23-26/2020 LC JO's TBD   Team Effort
9/19-20/2020 Commerce BRW SC Commerce   Optional
10/10-11/2020 Bellflower BRW SC Bellflower   Optional
11/7-8/2020 Downey BRW SC Downey   Optional
12/5-6/2020 Trident BRW SC Rowland HS   Optional

Team Effort Meets are required attendance if the swimmer qualifies, plan ahead!

Member Percentage
Kim, Irene 100.00%
Kow, Ethan 100.00%
Frascini, Jeremiah 100.00%
Peach, Garrett 100.00%
Peach, Sydney 100.00%
Umpornpuckdi, Natalie 100.00%
Usita, Jaremaya 98.00%
Jimenez, Melinna 97.00%
Dornoff, Anthony 95.00%
Espinoza, Cassandra 94.00%
Kim, Roy 89.00%
Batang, Bianca 81.00%
Agnew, Nataly 73.00%
Flores, Tatiana 73.00%
Mark, Aiden 73.00%
Finley, Ivan 64.00%
Yu, Yongjie 62.00%
Baxter, Joshua 61.00%
Gregorio, Jaslynn 59.00%
Baxter, Rachel 56.00%
Alonzo, Mallory 53.00%
Choi, Jayden 53.00%
Dahdoul, Mahmoud 52.00%
Popovich, Julia 51.00%
Kreimeyer, Elyse 43.00%
Oates, Connor 42.00%
Ortega, Jose 35.00%