Armada Cleans Up at Seal Beach

Don Garman
Jun 25, 2019

What a great day!  The 50th Annual Seal Beach Rough Water Swim was a huge winner for the Armada.  We were clearly the biggest and best team there and it was a lot of fun watching all of our kids finish their ocean swims.

The conditions were perfect: air 70º, water 66º, surf 1-2 feet.  Here’s a complete list of swimmers and where they finished:

7-8        200 Jordan  Chiang 1st
Keyon Usita 2nd
9-10      400 Natalie Umpornpuckdi 1st
Anthony Dornoff 1st
11-12    800 Alyssa McClure 1st
River Chiang 1st
Keeno Usita 2nd
Hunter Hua 3rd
Brian Finley 4th
Karl Quintero-Guan 5th
Ryli Rodriguez 6th
Sean Quintero-Guan 7th
Noah Samanta 8th
Adam Chavez 11th
13-14  1200 Alex Dornoff 2nd
Justin Chang 4th
Noah Chavez 5th
15-up   Mile Bella Doherty 3rd
Tori Torres 5th
Emily Kim 6th
Elzabeth Timmerman 8th
Christina Cho 9th
Emlie Chai 11th
Bryce Liva 13th
Isabella Ortega 14th
Jenna McClure 15th
Natalie Villegas 18th
Yarazet Elias 20th
Aisa Jurado 21st
Sydney Esquerra 22nd
Jessica Jones 23rd
Julia Salas 24th
Makayla Johnson 26th
Sam Chavez 7th
Andrew Salladin 9th
Jackson Lambros 10th
Sean Kennedy 12th
Owen Droessler 15th
Faiyaz Chowdhury 16th

All-in-all…GREAT MEET, we will be back.

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