Armada Wins Metro Champs

RMDA 12809  -  LKWD 11518
We Win!

It was bound to happen.  We finally get the whole team to the Metro Championships and we win by a significant margin.  The Armada swam great for what seemed like a 10 day meet – it was actually only 3 very long days.  Every day of the meet we extended our lead over our friends and rivals from Lakewood.

Also, we coaches would like to thank all of our great parents for the outstanding job you did taking care of the swimmers and the often thankless task of timing.  I was very impressed every time I walked out to our team “encampment”, the size and presence of our team was amazing and we looked like an army ready to do battle – you made us coaches very proud.  You deserved to win!

We had a few individuals that really rose above the rest in their age-group.


David Wang 6 events – 6 1st
Nicole Maslog            8 events – 4 1st   2 2nd
Ethan Newberry          6 events – 4 1st   2 2nd
Baron Young               7 events -  4 1st   2 2nd
Kevin Vargas               3 events – 3 1st
Nick Allison                7 events – 3 1st   3 2nd
Kyle Chang                 5 events – 4 1st   1 4th
Caitlyn Kanemitsu      6 events – 3 1st
Michael Lee                 5 events – 2 1st   2 2nd
Victoria Rodriguez      7 events – 3 1st   2 3rd
Laila Topinio               8 events – 3 1st 

Our relays were almost perfect, just 1 DQ.  Otherwise, we pretty much controlled the relay events.  It was especially fun to watch our 7-8 relays – great job.

Relay Results:

7-8 Girls  2nd Free Relay 3rd Med. Relay
9-10 Girls 1st, 3rd Free Relay 1st, 3rd Med. Relay
11-12 Girls  2nd, 10th Free Relay  2nd, 3rd, 8th Med. Relay
13-up Girls                   3rd, 9th, 10th Free Relay           2nd, 4th, 6th Med. Relay
7-8 Boys   2nd Free Relay 4th Med. Relay
9-10 Boys 1st, 8th Free Relay 2nd, 3rd Med. Relay
11-12 Boys  1st, 2nd, 4th Free Relay 1st, 3rd Med. Relay
13-up Boys 1st, 3rd, 6th Free Relay 3rd, 5th, 8th Med. Relay