Frequently Asked Questions


Our sport can be very confussing and overwhelming at the beginning.  Here are some important questions and answers for all swim parents.  This list will grow over time so, if you do not see the information you need please ask the coaches or other veteran parents.

What equipment does a swimmer need for practice and meets?

How often should a swimmer practice during a week?

Why do I need to join USA swimming?

When will my swimmer move to the next practice group?

Swim Meet Related Questions

  • How often are meets?
  • When will my swimmer(s) swim in their first meet?What do I do to enter a meet?
  • What events should my swimmer swim at a meet?
  • Do I need to know my swimmer's Best Times to enter a meet?
  • Will my swimmer get disqualified (DQed) at a meet?
  • What does my swimmer need to do at the meet to 'check-in?
  • How are the swimmers placed in their races?
  • What are the time standards for my swimmer?