Your Volunteer Expectations

As it is with any organization like our swim team, we depend on a high level of volunteerism from ALL of our families.  There will be many times during the year where families are required to help with the various chores of running home meets and also helping with timing at away meets. 

Away Meets
Your family will be assigned a timing duty for the meet.  We will email this to you a day or two before the meet.  The duty is usually 1 hour.  Hopefully, if you have only one swimmer in the meet, you will only have one duty to fulfill.  Families with two or more swimmers may have additional duties.  ALL families are REQUIRED to help, if you cannot serve it is your responsibility to get a replacement.  If everyone helps, the load is minimal for all and the burden is shared equally.  Look for the assignment sheet in the team area when you arrive at the meet as changes may have been made to the email you received. 

Home Meets
We run about five home meets a year.  These are major fund raisers for our team and all members are expected to help with the running of the meet.  Usually the host team does not help with timing, instead we need you to "man" all of the other stations needed to run a successful meet.  We have an A-1 reputation for hosting high quality meets and it is because we get great help from our families.  The assignment is usually one 4-5 hour session of the meet. 

Look for the sign-up sheet on the team website under the "Meets" tab.  Jobs are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis so if you have a preference - sign-up early.