Mission Statement:
Assist swimmers of all ages and abilities, by means of honest training and preparation, to achieve swimming performance beyond the boundaries of their innate physical and mental talents.

Core Objectives:

  • Team Growth. We will grow in number each year. Retention plus recruitment will grow the team. We will spread our sport to the community and keep our athletes happy.
  • Team Success.  We will strive to improve our team performance at Nationals, Sectionals, J.O.s and the Metro Champs each season
  • Team Fun. We will provide a safe and happy environment where athletes can enjoy the company of their peers.

Armada Strategies:

  • Team First. Team first is the most effective philosophy for the individual who wants to achieve up and beyond his or her individual physical abilities.
  • Defer Rewards.’ Invest more time, more work, more passion than the competition. Accumulate that investment season-long, year long, and career long, until the long-term goal presents an opportunity to be achieved.
  • No Character Short Cuts.’ Moral integrity and physical commitment know no shades of gray. There are three words in our sport that will not tolerate adjectives: Commitment, Honesty, Courage. They are all or nothing values and must be total, lest the strength of their meaning would be downgraded to ‘good effort,’ ‘good intention’ and ‘good try.’ Our job will be to keep the meaning of these values clear and precise.
  • ‘Pride in the Path’. Pride can be a building block or a wrecking ball. Emphasize to parents and coaches that the pride they feel in the young athletes they are associated with should be limited to the path the young athlete chooses – not in the destination. We need tempered pride to build a strong foundation for the kids and the team. Pride in appearance, performance, and character must live side by side with humility.