Welcome Interested New Swimmers,

We look forward to meeting you, inspiring you and swimming with you.  Come try a FREE two week trial of swim practice where you can try our team, meet our coaches and our rising athletes that make up Lompoc Tsunami Aquatics.  If you like the team, please join, as we are looking for awesome swimmers like yourself!

The Lompoc Aquatic Center (LAC) is our normal practice location.  The LAC is located on 207 W. College St, Lompoc CA 93436.

After your FREE trial run and deciding to join our growing team, we'll begin filling out the team's paperwork. There is two parts to the paperwork.  Joining USA Swimming and joining the Lompoc Tsunami Aquatics.  Joining both allows you to be part of our team which inspires you to compete with other swim teams in Central California. 

First Part to Paperwork: Kindly fill out the USA Swimming registration form and make a check payable to Lompoc Tsunami Aquatics to cover the annual fee of $68.00.  Note: if you qualify for a school lunch discount, you can provide a copy of the paperwork which will reduce your USA Swimming fee to $7.00 annually, this is the Outreach Program from USA Swimming. 

Second Part of Paperwork: The team's monthly dues varies in price based on the age group and the swimmer's ability. Monthly dues, as of Jan 2017, are as follows:

$55.00 for pre-competition/novice group (attending 2-3 practices a week)

$65.00 for Intermediate 1 & 2 (attending 3-4 practices a week)

$75.00 for Senior 1 & 2 (attending 4-5 practices a week) 

For further questions or details, feel free to stop by one of our practices at the Lompoc Aquatic Center (LAC) or contact Head Coach Charles Sommer via email: [email protected]

We look forward to swimming with you!