All hands-on deck!!   Great swim team cultures happen when families volunteer at home meets together!   Ever attend a well-run meet with lots of parents walking around working?   That’s what we want!!   


We need 100% participation to make home meets fun.  Each TCA family is responsible for making meets fun simply by volunteering!!  We are asking each family to volunteer a shift BOTH days, even if your swimmer is not there.  


Pick a job to master, then teach someone else!  OR learn many jobs and run the volunteer table.  Don’t be shy if you have a special skill, please tell us, please share it!   


Clerk of course:   Attention to detail necessary.  Swimmer sign in table run by lead and 2-3 others.  Organized protocol used to close and seed events.  Come 10 minutes early to learn if you’ve never done this job.   


Marshalls:   Must arrive 15 minutes before warmups begin to open warmup pools.  Very little training necessary.  Ensure warm up lanes run smoothly and safely.   


Volunteer checkin table:    Direct new volunteers to posts.  Offer support and problem solve as needed.   


Runners:   Must arrive 10 minutes early.  3-4 people share responsibilities of posting heat lanes/picking up time sheets from lanes, delivering new sheets to lanes.  Fast paced but fun job!   


Head timer:   Must arrive 5-10 minutes early.  Run backup stop watches.   


Announcer:  Tom assigns this job.  Please let Tom know if you have announcing experience in the event our regular announcer needs a break or isn’t available.   


Snack Bar/hosting:  Sell snacks and help prepare food for coaches and officials.  Hosting lead delegates tasks needed to organize and serve food.   


Awards:  Not all home meets have awards.  Meets with awards will organize ribbons and file for pickup or distribution.   



Note- we do NOT provide timers at home meets, our visiting teams fill timing chairs assigned by their own coaches.