How to order a MBA Parka?

At this time, Parka orders are done on an individual basis.  The company that makes the parkas is TruWest™ Custom Swimwear & Sports Products and they are located in Huntington Beach, CA.

For additional help, contact our President Dan Hayler at [email protected].

Individual Parka Order

You may order a parka at any time as an individual, prices are as follows:
$133.10 base + tax & shipping
You may have your name on the front for $4.00 per word.
Use the order form link provided below to create and order your parka:

TruWest Parka Order Form

Orders take 2-4 weeks.

TruWest™ Custom Swimwear Information
TruWest™ corporate headquarters & manufacturing facility:
5592 Engineer Drive
Huntington Beach
California 92649-1122
Click here for a map to truWest™

Phone: 714.895.2444
Fax: 714.891.0551
Toll Free Phone 800.322.3669
TruWest™ is normally open
Weekdays 7:30am – 4pm Pacific time.