Pool Rules Agreement for Swimmers and Families

We are fortunate to have the use of Pomona Colleges’s Pendleton Pool, and we want to ensure continued use of the facility. Swimmers are reminded that they are guests and need to follow rules of decorum and etiquette for a learning environment.

The rules listed below also apply to swimmers’ family members or friends who may be on site.

After reading the rules, please have your swimmer sign on our welcome packet that he/she understands the rules and intends to comply. Parents or guardians should read:

1. Swimmers may not leave the Pool Deck unless their parent/guardian is there to pick them up. For safety, please stay on deck if your parents have not arrived. A Coach will walk you to the front of the building at the end of practice (7:40pm) if a parent/guardian is not on deck at the conclusion of practice (this also apples to swimmers who drive themselves).

2. Parents/Guardians need to wait until the coach has arrived on site before dropping off a swimmer.

3. Parents/guardians, please keep your contact information updated. Phone numbers where you can be reached before and during practice are especially important.

4.It is each parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise non-swimming siblings. Pomona College is graciously letting us swim at their facility and it is best to be on our best behavior while we are there.

5. Bring only swim related items to practice. Toys, handheld games and other distractions should remain at home.

6. Keep your belongings together and pick up after yourself. Take home everything that is brought to practice. If you leave something on the deck it will most likely be gone by the following day.

7. Always show respect to the MBA staff and teammates. Failure to do so will result in a report to a parent, and continued bad behavior may result in termination of MBA membership.

8. The Mount Baldy Aquatics staff has the right to refuse service to any individual or family.

9. Fees will not be refunded in the event of a disciplinary dismissal.

All concerns should be brought to the attention of the Coaches or one of the board members.

There is a no-tolerance bullying policy, if any bullying has occurred the offending swimmer will be removed from practice and parents will be notified. If the behavior continues, it is up to the MBA Board’s discretion as to whether the swimmer will be allowed to continue at Mt. Baldly Aquatics.