Team Policies

Mt. Baldy Aquatics is a non-profit organization that exists solely on membership dues to provide your children with swimming instruction in a safe, family environment. Because we have set expenses each month that we must plan for, we have implemented some financial policies.


We depend upon your timely monthly payments to fund our pool rental and coaching fees. Family monthly rates are:

$75 – 1st child

$70 – 2nd child

$65 – 3rd child in the same family.

Monthly dues need to be in by the 10th of each month. After the 10th of the month, you will need to bring in your payment before your child may attend practice. If you do not pay for the current month before last day of that month, you will be charged a late fee of $5.

Please put your payment (check or money order) in the blue “Monthly Dues” folder located in the deck box or mail your payment to the address listed above.

Cash payments must be given directly to the treasurer. Do NOT give payments to coaches.

If your child swims even one day during the month, the full monthly dues are expected.


All swimmers must maintain liability insurance through Southern California Swimming (SCS). For new registrations, a birth certificate, passport, Alien Resident Card, or Adoption Record must be shown to any of the Coaches on deck.

Your document will be witnessed, but not kept. For renewals or for anyone with a prior history of swimming with SCS, current membership must be proven. Otherwise, SCS registration and payment must be received by MBA and cleared by the SCS office in Santa Barbara before your swimmer can enter the pool. Plan on this taking 3-4 business days to process. Please contact the Coaches or the Secretary if you have further questions regarding SCS.


A limited number of scholarships are available. Contact our Treasurer for details.

For residents of Claremont, or Students in the Claremont Unified School District,  a scholarship may be available through the Claremont Sunrise Rotary Youth Sports Scholarship program.  Contact our Youth Sports Committee Liaison for assistance.


MBA has an annual Swim for Funds. Dates and details change annually.


So we can better staff coaches, we need an accurate idea of how many swimmers are planning to attend practices. Before taking a planned Leave of Absence, please give us a 30-day notice. You may either notify [email protected] or fill out a Leave of Absence form located in the on-deck box. Please fill out the form and place it in the on-deck box in the blue “Payment” folder. Without notification, we will assume that your child will be swimming, the full monthly dues will be expected, and you will be billed accordingly.


It is common courtesy to let us know your child is leaving the team. Please give us a 30 day notice if possible. You will be billed for your swimmer until notice is given.


We hold practice in the rain, but in the event of Thunder and/or Lighting we are required to immediately exit the pool.

If practice is changed or cancelled suddenly late in the day, we will contact you as quickly as we are able so you can pick up your swimmer. Please check your email before each scheduled practice (up to an hour before your swimmer’s workout starts) so you can see if an unexpected practice cancellation has occurred.

Make sure you keep your contact information (email, phone number, emergency contacts) updated with us to ensure that the proper individuals will be contacted if your swimmer needs to be picked up early. You can do this by telling a coach or any board member that your contact information needs to be updated (as long as they are not interacting with the swimmers at that time).