Stony Plain Pool Rules

Stony Plain Pool Sharks Patron Rules

  • A shower must be taken before entering the pool
  • Please walk on the pool deck at all times
  • Food and beverages are not allowed on the pool deck, only in the grass area. (water is permitted)
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool deck
  • Hanging off of the diving board is not allowed
  • Pushing is not allowed around the pool deck area
  • Feet first in the shallow end, Diving is only allowed in the deep end
  • Back flips and backwards jumps are not permitted
  • Standing or jumping off of toys or mats is not permitted. Jumping onto toys is also not allowed
  • Shoulder rides and chicken fights are not permitted
  • Persons with diarrhea, or who have had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks are directed to stay out of the pool until they are well
  • Children cannot be left alone and need to be supervised in the wading pool at all times


Stony Plain Pool Thunder Policy

Stony Plain Outdoor Pool - Thunder/Lightning Procedure


  • At the first sound of thunder or first sight of lightning, please clear the POOL
  • Please notify a Lifeguard if thunder and lightning are occurring near the facility and this has not been done
  • All club members, coaches, and parents must be directed to the change rooms
  • No one is allowed to stay on deck or to use the showers
  • No one is allowed to re-enter the pool, or go back onto the deck/grass area for 30 minutes after the most recent sound of thunder or sight of lightning
  • Once a Lifeguard has given the “OK” to get back into the pool, your practice can resume. (No extra time will be given after the practice end time of 7pm)