Practices Info

Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible because with regular practice skills and conditioning are improved. Practice truly does make better swimmers. Now through the season there 2 different times for practices. Please have your swimmers arrive in swim gear 10-15 minutes prior to getting into the water ready for warm up exercises.

Evening Practices
                        - Mid-May to mid-August (one extra week if the swimmer makes Provincial Competition)
                        - Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays
                        - 5 - 6 pm swimmers are generally younger to approximately 12 years of age
                        - 6 - 7 pm swimmers are generally older

These two groups will be divided with consideration of age and time trials.

Morning Practices
                        - After July long weekend through to the Regional Competition, generally from 7:45 am - 8:45 am three days a week.
                        - This is open to second hour swimmers and limited others after
                           consultation with coaches.
What To Bring
                        - Swim Suit
                        - Goggles/swim cap
                        - Towel(s)
                        - Sunscreen
                        - Water bottle


Training in an outdoor pool means that we are subject to weather conditions. Generally, we swim (rain or shine (yes - including snow and cooler temperatures!). The only exception is in the event of thunder and lightning.  At the first sighting of lightning or sound of thunder by a lifeguard on deck, the pool is cleared and cannot be reentered until 20 minutes has passed since the last sighting of lightning/sound of thunder. Practice will resume 20 minutes after the last sighting of lightning.  See the Town of Stony Plain's Thunder and Lightening Policy.