Fundraising Commitment


The Stony Plain Sharks Club is a parent run team with a volunteer Board of Directors and it costs approximately $1050.00-1200 per swimmer depending on the number of registered swimmers between the months of May and August.  Expenses are pool rental, swim meet fees, swimmers fees, insurance, coach wages and equipment.  We have done our absolute best to come up with a fundraising plan that will keep incurred costs down. The Stony Plain Sharks will be required to work bingos.  Bingo Commitment for our 2022 season will be determined by when Bingos start operating and how many Bingos the Stony Plain Sharks must staff.

    First Swimmer - 3-6 Bingo’s        

    Second Swimmer - 3-6 Bingo’s to a maximum of 6 per family

    Additional Swimmer(s) - no additional Bingo's for additional swimmers

    Sharks Cash Raffle - $150 ($10 tickets) one booklet to be sold per family.

    Casino - 1 per family (No Casino assigned for 2022 or other activity as assigned by the Executive)

You may discuss with the Executive about “buy out options” for fundraising.

To ensure that our commitment to fulfill our Bingo positions for the season, we will require each family to sign up for their appropriate number of Bingo events and other volunteer positions thru the website once the Hall opens.  At the time of registration, we will obtain a credit card number to be kept on file and will only be charged for any fundraising commitments that have not been signed up by the date to be determined or are unfulfilled during the year. If your credit card expires within a year of registration, it is required that you provide us with the new expiry date.  If for some reason Sharks cannot deposit successfully or charge the credit card the outstanding amount, it will be added to the next season registration fee for the swimmer.

Please use the following link to submit your Credit Card information for our Bingo Coordinator to keep on file:

Bingo Commitment Credit Card Form

If you have signed up for your commitments and do not show, your credit card will be charged either $200.00 accordingly for the event missed.  If you do need to cancel your attendance for the commitment, it is your responsibility to source a replacement and advises our Bingo Coordinator of your replacement. If your replacement does not show, your credit card will be charged the applicable fee for the event within three days of the missed event.  

Above the fundraising commitment, in order to promote a healthy team spirit, accomplish goals, and host a local swim meet, SPSSC needs the help of those parents who have swimmers on the team.  Each year, we ask each family to donate hours of their time.  Volunteering can occur in a variety of ways, such as, assisting in the many positions to aid in our Region B swim meets, Regional Competitions and Provincial Championships, set up and take down at our hosted meet, hospitality, additional fundraising such as 50/50 ticket sales, and planning for the spirit functions for our club.  Your assistance in any capacity is sincerely appreciated.