Toronto Swim Club Program

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Group Placement
Each TSC swimmer will be assigned to an appropriate group for the swim season. When determining the appropriate group for a swimmer, performance, commitment, capacity and skill development are the determining factors. The coaching staff purposefully tries to ensure that no steps are skipped in the skill development process. Assessments and evaluations with respect to any change in group placement will take place primarily in December and March. All changes in group placement must be agreed to by the coaches of the group the swimmer is departing from, and the group the swimmer is moving into, and must be approved by the Head Coach.  

Group Standards, Composition and Size:
Consistent with our mission statement, group standards recognize swimmer performance, commitment, capacity and skill development, as well as the need to balance groups in terms of gender, size and age. Each year, the Head Coach revisits the group standards, composition and size for each TSC swim group and may adjust in the best interests of TSC.