Toronto Swim Club Program

Toronto Swim Club believes in the pursuit of excellence through the systematic development of skills, attitudes and training challenges.

Swimmers are advanced through the programs once they are physically and emotionally ready to handle the challenge of the next level. Swimmers are required to acquire a set list of skills prior to any move.

Every effort is made to ensure that no steps are skipped in the development process to ensure continued and long term success in the sport.

The teaching and introduction of skills (and their progressions) are linked between groups so that coaches use the same terminology, similar drills and expectations.

The club believes in creating well rounded swimmers who can compete in all four strokes.

Kicking development is emphasized from the Academy levels.

Instill in our swimmers the importance of a “work ethic”. Success comes through hard work and dedication.

Foster such positive attributes as self-esteem, self-reliance, discipline, confidence, respect and team pride

Develop team unity where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of competition

Instill a lifelong love of swimming through enjoyment and accomplishment.  

Group Placement

Each TSC swimmer will be assigned to an appropriate group for the swim season. When determining the appropriate group for a swimmer, performance, commitment, capacity and skill development are the determining factors. The coaching staff purposefully tries to ensure that no steps are skipped in the skill development process. Assessments and evaluations with respect to any change in group placement will take place primarily in December and March. All changes in group placement must be agreed to by the coaches of the group the swimmer is departing from, and the group the swimmer is moving into, and must be approved by the Head Coach.  

Group Standards, Composition and Size:
Consistent with our mission statement, group standards recognize swimmer performance, commitment, capacity and skill development, as well as the need to balance groups in terms of gender, size and age. Each year, the Head Coach revisits the group standards, composition and size for each TSC swim group and may adjust in the best interests of TSC.

**The Head Coach retains full discretion for all final group placement decisions**