Swim-A-Thon Update

PleaseChange Admin

Dear TSC Families,

First we would like to start off with a big THANK YOU. On behalf of the fundraising committee, we want to recognize everyone for participating in this year’s Swim-a-thon and really pulling together as a community to fundraise for the club.  Our gratitude goes out to the parents, swimmers, donors, coaches and volunteers who have made this year one of our best. It goes without saying that all that hard work has been nothing short of amazing. We are currently at $61,005 in donations, and still counting.

Next, we would like to thank you for being patient with the final report and the delay in making the prizing announcements.  Just after our last update, we were alerted to some donations that were not being reflected in swimmer profiles. We requested support and investigation from Swimming Canada, and were informed of an issue with the PayPal functionality which updates the Swim-A-Thon. There is a manual process underway to attribute each of the donations correctly. Once that is completed, we will be informed and can run the final reports and issues the final prizing awards notice. The attached notice from Swimming Canada provides more details on the issue.

Please be assured that we are following up regularly with Swimming Canada, and will be sending an update as soon as we can confirm that the donation data is complete and correct. Your patience, while awaiting the final results, is very much appreciated.


Your Fundraising Committee