Final Swim-A-Thon 2019 Update - Thank you TSC!!!

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Jun 5, 2019

Swim-A-Thon has wrapped up and we have amazing results to report!

Our goal was to raise $65,000 and be the top fundraising club in Canada…and we came very close to meeting our goal, by raising at total of $61,005 (93.85% of our target). AMAZING!!!

Our sincere thanks for a great Swim-A-Thon in 2019. There were many inspiring examples team spirit and individual performance. We managed to register more swimmers this year, than ever before. As well, it is likely that TSC is close to being the top fundraising club in the country, but we will not have a final answer on that until the final Swimming Canada report is completed.

In brief, the prize winners for this 2019 version of Swim-A-Thon are:

  • Y2 for 100% of Swimmers registered and highest average donations per swimmer;
  • Academy for highest amount raised; and
  • Lina Boehmer for Top Club Fundraiser, with Alex Pitt taking second place in a very close race.

A link will go out shortly, so that swimmers whose donation level reached the pre-set thresholds will get to order TSC merchandise as a reward for their fundraising. It will also include the option to select the alternate merchandise option, or to opt out entirely from receiving the merchandise rewards.

It is important that we recognize the time and efforts of the coaches and parents who made the event possible, through their volunteering, organizing, motivating, and donation management. Thank you to each and every one of them.

We appreciate the patience of the membership with the delayed final report, as the donation attribution issue between PayPal and Swimming Canada required us to hold off on any announcement of prizing. There has been a confirmation that all our donations were properly captured and correctly attributed to each swimmer, so we can now release our final report with confidence. Please see the attached document for details of the group and individual fundraising efforts.

Great work and results, and amazing team spirit!



Congratulations to Jing Jiang with $500 raised in our final week, as our final weekly top fundraiser she gets to pick a $25 gift certificate from one of the following retailers:

  •, Team Aquatics, Adidas, Sephora, Ardene, Cineplex, American Eagle Outfitters, Roots, Starbucks, Indigo, Sky Zone, Xbox Live, and/or PlayStation Store.

Honourable mentions for the final week of fundraising go to:

  1. Nevin McMillen + $370.00
  2. Georgia Johnston Pickwoad + $350.00
  3. Emily Yu + $280.00


Week 1 - Georgia fromY2 

Week 2 - Alex from JP

Week 3 - Alex from JP

Week 4 - Sara from YF 

Week 5 - Lina from Y2 

Week 6 - Lina from Y2

Week 7 - Elsa from N1 & Ashleigh from JN

Week 8 - Ella from YF

Full Swim-A-Thon Report