2021 Ontario Open Water Festival Series – Gull Lake, Gravenhurst

TSC Team Manager

Congratulations to our TSC Swimmers who participated in the 2021 Ontario Open Water Festival Series on July 24th in Gravenhurt. All 17 TSC Swimmers did a fantastic job completing the 2 km course. 

The 4 x 500m relay was a wonderful way to wrap up the event. It was great to see our TSC team spirit back in action and teammates supporting each other. This was the first open water racing experience for many of our swimmers. Well done TSC! 

Special thanks to Coach Kirsty Andrews for supporting our swimmers. 

Big Congratulations go to:

Kate Hulford – 2nd overall, 1st in Girls 16-17 division

Liam Alexander – 9th overall, 7th in Boys 16-17 division

Naomie Lo – 11th overall, 7th in Girls 18&O division

Jacques Harrison – 13th overall, 4th in Boys 14-15 division

Cooper Rush – 14th overall, 1st in Boys 12-13 division

Mia Stein-Blumberg – 21st overall, 9th in Girls 14-15 division

Elsa Daigle – 24th overall, 10th in Girls 16-17 division

Kyler Bellamy – 42nd overall, 7th in Boys 14-15 division

Avery Leake – 43rd overall, 12th in Girls 14-15 division

Aleks Evans – 47th overall, 9th in Boys 14-15 division

Natalie Stokes – 55th overall, 12th in Girls 16-17 division

Travis Cumming – 61st overall – 2nd in Boys 12-13 division

Zhenia Bondarenko – 63rd overall – 5th in Girls 12-13 division

Jake Redfern – 73rd overall – 4th in Boys 12-13 division

Matthew Gu – 82nd overall – 19th in Boys 14-15 division

Savannah Vicente – 86th overall – 11th in Girls 12-13 division

Aaron Gu – 89th overall – 20th in Boys 14-15 division


TSC A – 3rd

TSC C – 5th

TSC B – 13th

TSC D – 14th

See full race results here

Photos By: Daniel Harrison 

More photos: