Paul Armstrong - Head Coach

Paul joined the Brantford Aquatic Club in the fall of 2018. He brings 15 years of Head Coaching experience with him, having spent time leading teams in Saskatchewan and Ontario. During his time as a Head Coach Paul has also served as a Swim Saskatchewan High Performance Coach, the Chairman of the Swim Saskatchewan Coaches Association, the Coaches Rep on the Swim Sask Board of Directors and as a member of the Swim Ontario Board of Directors.

As Head Coach of Brantford Aquatic Club Paul's goal is to develop a team atmosphere that challenges all members - athletes, coaches, parents and stakeholders -  to work together to be the best possible club. He strives to offer high quality programs at all levels and to consistently develop athletes that are healthy, happy, fit and fast!

Mike Livings - Age Group Head Coach

Mike has been a part of the coaching staff since 2009.  Mike swam for the club for many years, back in the 1990's.  He started as the Preps coach in 2009, and gradually worked his way to his current position.  He also coaches Masters.


Sherry Jewer - Competitive Development Head Coach/Intro and Dolphin Supervisor

Sherry started with the Brantford Aquatic Club in 2009. Teaching, coaching and personal training of individuals, of all ages, is Sherry's passion for over 20 years. Her greatest pleasure is derived from the glow an individual gets as they reach the goals they've set for themselves or when something is achieved they've said "I can't do that".

In her free time, in the summer, Sherry enjoys kayaking, beach volleyball, gardening, laying flagstone paths, walking and biking. In the winter, she enjoys chopping and toting wood and snowshoeing.  When it comes right down to it, Sherry enjoys working with children in making them safe and strong in, and around, the water.