Festivals and OYJ meet report

Mike Livings

2023 Winter Ontario Festival/ Ontario Youth Junior Championships Meet Report


This weekend we had 3 athletes competing at Ontario Festivals, and 10 athletes at Ontario Youth Junior championships. All Athletes preformed well, Congratulations to our medal winners.


75% or better best times

Emma Fries

Oilver Stack

Liam Connolly

Sophie Dube

Abby Forster

Bruno Garb

Austin Godwaldt

John-Russell Perras

Brynn Scheffel

Rachel Steinberg



Clare Fries – 50fr 15th

Emma Fries – 50fr 26th

Oliver Stack – 100bk 5th,200bk 5th, 100fr 6th,

Liam Connolly – 100br 22nd

Sophie Dube – 50fr 2nd, 100fr 5th,

Abby Forster – 400fr 1st, 800fr 1st, 200fr 3rd,

Bruno Garb – 800fr 2nd, 1500fr 4th, 400fr 5th,

Austin Godwaldt – 400fr 4th, 800fr 5th, 100br 19th, 200br 19th

Koh McClung – 100fly 4th, 50fr 5th,

John Russell Perras – 100br 12th, 200br 14th, 50fr 25th

Brynn Scheffel – 100bk 10th, 200bk 11th

Matthew Skrzypek – 100br 34th, 50fr 49th

Rachel Steinberg – 100br 8th, 200br 12th, 100fr 49th



Oliver Stack – 100fr Festivals

Bruno Garb – 400fr OYJ,

Austin Godwaldt – 400fr OYJ

John Russell Perras – 200br OYJ, 50fr OYJ

Rachel Steinberg – 200Br OYJ

Abby Forester – 800fr OSC/ Eastern National

Sophie Dube – 50fr OSC/ Eastern National