2nd Annual BAD Outdoor Invitational Swim Meet

Nick Hrebicek - Secretary
Jul 8, 2019

Our 2nd Annual BAD Outdoor Invitational Swim Meet was another huge success! 

We had 512 among 20 swim clubs in attendance, including swimmers from Rayas GTO Mexico.  Kicking-off our weekend and showing her full support, was our Mayor, Marianne Meade Ward.

It takes a great deal of planning by the Meet Management Team to organize such a successful event - thank you to Greg Bucik, Jamie Peetsma, and Catherine Smallegange for the countless hours of prep time it took to get this meet set up.

A four-session swim meet requires upwards of 100 officials to run the meet - thank you to our Officials Chair Milica Radic for organizing so many volunteers.  Thank you to all those who volunteered their time on deck this weekend - rain and shine!  Without you, we could not run our meets.  There were many volunteers who were at the pool for 13 hours, two days in a row - your commitment does not go unnoticed!

Thank you to the Hospitality Coordinators - Kristie Pequin and Lucy Costantini, and their team of volunteers for keeping everyone fed and refreshed.

Despite rain delays and a few long thunder delays, all swim events were eventually run, and no individual race had to be canceled. 

The Burlington Aquatic Devilrays continue to run successful swim meets, with positive feedback from visiting teams and coaches, and it is all thanks to the wonderful volunteers we have at BAD!

As our 2019-20 swim season winds down, I wish you all a happy and safe summer.  I hope all our swimmer return in the fall refreshed and ready to train.

Lisa Toews

Burlington Aquatic Devilrays President

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