Meet Schedule 2022-23 Draft #1


October 1st Spartan Sprint Starter (All Spartan LMR Qualified swimmers) Chilliwack!

October 14-16th Penticton Swim Meet (All Competetive swimmers)

November 5th Richmond LMR Distance (LMR swimmers)

November 11-13th HYACK Invitational  (Qualified swimmers)

Dec. 10-11th Spartan Santa LMR (LMR swimmers)

Dec. 16-18th Richmond Fastswim (Qualified swimmers)

Dec.  15-18th OJI Toronto (Qualified swimmers) ?



Dec. 19th - Jan. 2nd Christmas break Chilliwack District

Dec. 19 - Jan 2nd Christmas Training camp at the Landing Leisure Centre TBA

Jan. 28 -29th Surrey Invitational (qualified swimmers)


 Feb. 4th-5th LMR Champs Langley 

 Feb. 11th-12th PSW Invitational LC Western Qualifiers 

Feb. 10th-12th Winter Divisionals Fraser/Island TBA

March 2nd-5th Winter Provincial Championships Victoria

March 11th-12th LMR, LMR Qualifiers (DELTA) 

March 16th - 19th Western Canadian Champs (Calgary)

March 20th - March 31st  Chilliwack School District Spring Break (Training TBA)

March 28th -April 2nd  Canadian Olympic Trials (Toronto)

April 15th Spartan 10 and Under Meet

April 15th Spartan LMR Distance Meet

April 29th-30th Surrey LC Invitational (Guilford)

May 6th-7th West Coast Open (Richmond)

May 28th Delta 11 & Under sprint cup

June 3rd-5th Mel Zajac (UBC) 

June 3th-4th LMR Champs (LOSC)

June 10-11th PSW Invitational (qualified swimmers)

June 25th Hyack Invitational 

June 23rd-25th Summer Divisionals Fraser/Island 

July 13th-16th Summer Provincial Championships UBC 

July 31st- August 7th Canadian Junior & Senior Championships (Edmonton)