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2020/2021 WINTER FEES

The following fees entitle you to reseve and swim 3 sessions a week. Fees are one sum for the season based on your starting date and are non refundable. Fees are payable using VISA, MASTERCARD or Debit Card.

                                              START            Dec. 1/20      Jan. 1/21      Feb. 1/21         Mar. 1/21       Apr. 1/21        May 1/21

    Early Bird (Regular)  $ 830.55

     Regular                    $ 887.05     $717.55     $604.55     $491.55     $378.55     $265.55     $152.55   

    Senior                      $ 672.35      $574.05    $483.65      $393.25     $302.85     $212.45     $122.05

    Student                    $ 672.35      $574.05    $483.65      $393.25     $302.85     $212.45     $122.05

Seniors are those whose age is 65 or over as of the swim start date.

Students are those registered at a Canadian post-secondary university or college.

Fees include HST and membership to Swim Ontario.

By payment of the appropriate fee, you become a member of the Burlington Masters Swim Club Inc. . You become a voting member of the club. You also agree to the Terms and Conditions shown by clicking HERE.

Swimming will be governed by BMSC Return to Swim Plan which can be viewed by clicking HERE. As part of that plan, before each swim, a COVID-19 ATTESTATION AND AGREEMENT must be completed. This can be viewed by clicking HERE.


The sessions are 1 hours every second Sunday and 1 hour on Monday,Wednesday, or Thursday with a maximum of 18 swimmer at any time due to COVID-19 restrictions. Swims can be reserved up to one week ahead. However, unreserved spots ( within your swim group only ) can be reserved (extra swim) after 8:00 am on Sunday and after 6:00 pm on weekdays.

Swimmers are grouped, by the Coach, into 2 groups: Group A - faster and Group B - less fast.

Sunday:  Groups A > 9:45 - 10:38 am at Centennial Pool

                    Groups B > 10:53 - 11:45 am at Centennial Pool

Monday: Group B > 8:15 - 9:07 pm at Centennial Pool

               Group A > 9:22 - 10:15 pm at Centennial Pool

Wednesday: Group B > 8:00 - 8:52 pm at Centennial Pool

                     Group A > 9:07 - 10:00 pm at Centennial Pool

Thursday: Group A > 8:00 - 8:52 pm at Centennial Pool

                Group B > 9:07 - 10:00 pm at Centennial Pool



The Burlington Masters Swim Club Inc. is a not for profit corporation. The fees that are listed, pay for Coaching, Pool time, Insurance, Swim Ontario membership, and other operational costs. The Board of Directors, who administer the progam, are unpaid volunteers and are only re-imbursed for expenses occured in running our programs.