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Who We Are

The BRANT ARTISTIC SWIMMING CLUB is a registered swimming club with Ontario Artistic Swimming, the provincial sport governing body of Synchrnoized Swimming in Ontario, and with Synchronized Swimming Canada, the national governing body of Synchronized Swimming in Canada.


Mission Statement

BRANT ARTISTIC SWIMMING CLUB provides a positive environment for the development of synchronized swimming that is enjoyable for both swimmers and coaches who strive for excellence.


What We Do

Our athletes and coaches train out of the Wayne Gretzky Sports Center in Brantford, Ontario, with youth coming from all over the region to be a dynamic part of the BRANT ARTISTIC SWIMMING CLUB. Our training commitments range from 4 to 11 hours per week.

Meets and competitions are hosted throughout Southern Ontario in both Recreational and Competitive programs. All of our competitive coaches are certifed through the National Coaching Certifcation Program and are National Lifeguard Service Certified.

Synchronized swimming in an incredible sport that provides athletes with many unique skills and opportunities. BRANT ARTISTIC SWIMMING CLUB teaches the Brantford and surrounding youth how to live a healthy, active lifestyle, developing characteristics such as self-discipline, leadership and teamwork. 


Synchro Fun Facts

 Synchro Swimmers do not touch the bottom of the pool during a performance. Typically synchro swimmers practice and compete in a minimum of 9 feet of water.

 Athletes involved in Synchronized Swimming wear nose clips during performances and practices.

 In order to keep a Swimmers hair in place during a competition they will use unfavoured gelatin to slick back their hair. In the Syncrho world, this is called “Knoxing”.

 Experienced synchrozied swimmers can swim 50 meters, the length of an Olympic sized swimming pool, underwater without coming up for air.

 The term, “Lift”, in Synchrnoized Swimming is an acrobatic throw of another swimmer. During a, “Lift”, a single synchronized swimmer can be launched 10 feet or more above the surface of the water without any member of the team ever touching the bottom of the pool.

 Synchronized Swimming has been an Olympic Sport since the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles, CA.

 National level Synchronized swimmers practice, on average, up to 8 hours a day and 6 days per week. 



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  3. Your partnership will help to offset the costs of pool rental, equipment maintenance and purchases, coaching courses, health and wellness training for athletes and coaches, and assist in expanding our programs



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