The Barrie Bingo Sponsors is an Association of multiple organizations that conduct charitable fundraising through their partnership at Delta Bingo & Gaming in Barrie Ontario.  BTSC provides volunteers to the Delta Bingo & Gaming in Barrie to raise funds.  These funds raised are used to support the operations, pool costs, purchases of new equipment or replacement of old, meets and training purposes of the club.

BTSC participates in the Barrie Bingo Sponsors Association as volunteers to their BINGO program.  BTSC BINGO Bona Fide members make a commitment for the season and are scheduled to volunteer for Delta Bingo Gaming bi-weekly on Friday evenings.

Members are selected from a waiting list and once on the Volunteer list, members can hold that position throughout their BTSC Membership.  

Currently the waitlist is full and no other inquires are being accepted at this time.

Questions?  Email [email protected]