Updated Fundscrip Information


1. Enroll in Fundscrip: Click HERE

How do you join? I invite you to visit the FundScrip website at and click on Support Your Group button on the menu on the top right hand side.

• Complete the sign up information

• Don’t forget our invitiation code (KGZ5TN)

• Confirm your sign up information (you will be sent an email at the address you provided when you signed up)

 2. Payment options:

a) EFT (electronic fund transfer) - fill in form, attach void cheque, send to Fundscrip for processing. (initial processing may take 1-2 weeks)

b) Online Bill Payment method - add "Fundscrip" as a payee and use the 16 digit ID provided by Fundscrip during your first order process.

Note**Online Bill Payment needs 3 business days for processing -orders must be made 3 business days before deadline**

c) Credit Card (Visa & MC) earnings are 1.99% lower that the posted rate.

3. There are 2 options for Shipping: 

Our primary order method is "DIRECT SHIP 96/LETTERMAIL"

1. “Direct Ship 96/Lettermail” – costs $0.96 per order charged upon 
 check out. Your order is sent to your specified address via Canada Post. 
 (order limitations apply!) Information on this method can be found at

If you miss a date, want to send a birthday gift to a niece, grocery cards to a university student, or hope to get family involved in fundraising from afar, etc., then consider using Direct ship 96/Lettermail order method. Info link:

Basic info on Direct Ship 96/Lettermail option: Cost - $0.96 per order, no order deadline – your order is processed after payment is processed (1-3 days depending upon payment method) and ships out via Canada Post on the following day. ie: An order placed Monday (ETF payment method) is usually processed Tuesday and mailed on Wednesday.


2. “Ship to Home” method – you will be charged an additional shipping fee for this option. (Purolator sets this fee)Group Batch Orders 

Limitations – maximum 4 cards with maximum value of order up to $500.

How can family or friends help you earn your fundraising dollars??

If Aunt Sue, who lives two hours away, wants to support "YOUR SWIMMER" she can create an online account (using enrollment link at top of this document) and choose shipping method “DS 96/Lettermail” to get the cards delivered right to her.  

If you want to make it easy to ascertain that "Aunt Sue" is the one connected to "Athlete A", have her enroll using her name but add the swimmers name in brackets;

First name field - Sue
Last name field - Edwards (Swimmers full name)


Thank you,

BTSC Fundraising

[email protected]