Given the current pool closures and physical distancing guidelines in place across the country, it was decided to change the way Swim-A-Thon is done for the 2021 Season, with "At Home Challenge". 

Your support is greatly appreciated and 90% of the funds raised will be credited to your TU membership account.

All non-tax deductible gifts of support are directed to support club operations and not based on an in pool Swim-A-Thon event being run given the current pool closures across the country due to COVID-19.

Thank you for your support!





FAQ'S Swim-A-Thon Swimmer Registration 



General Rule
In order to qualify as a tax deductible donation a transfer of property (including
payment of money by cash or cheque), must meet the following conditions:
1. Some property – usually cash – is transferred to the Registered Charity.
Contributions of service such as volunteers’ time, legal work, etc., DO NOT
2. The gift must be made without expectation of return. No valuable
consideration or benefit of any kind to the donor or to anyone designated by
the donor may result from the payment.
Swim Ontario IS NOT LEGALLY PERMITTED to issue Tax Receipts:
• for registration or assessment fees paid to join a swim club;
• to parents paying a swimmer's Swim-A-Thon fee set by a swim club;
• to clubs that "trade" or "switch" donations;
• for contributions to “members’ trust accounts” or “family accounts”.
C.C.R.A. Fundraising Audit Procedures
1. Provincial Affiliates must follow up on Same Name donors by contacting
club fundraising co-ordinators to ensure that the donation was not directed to
a specific individual and that the donation amount is above any pre-set
fundraising limit included in the Club Policy.
2. For fundraising projects where funds are contributed to members’ “Trust
Accounts” or “Family Accounts”, tax receipts MUST NOT be issued.
3. Provincial Affiliates may contact members directly to inquire about club
policies and pre-set fundraising limits.
4. Members’ families are required to electronically fill in the parent/guardian’s
name if the swimmer is under 18 years of age.