A BTSC Swimmer's Success - A Delta Bingo Impact Story

Anette Nossiter

A BTSC Swimmer's Success - A Delta Bingo Impact Story



We were asked by Delta Bingo Gaming to share impact stories of our families and swimmers.  Ajete Eggers and her parents have been dedicated BINGO Volunteers and we wanted to share their story;

My name is Ajete Eggers, I have been swimming with the Barrie Trojan swim club since 2016 when I was offered a spot in Junior White. As a new swimmer, I was so incredibly excited and after just a few months of swimming I was offered a spot in Junior Green. After my first year swimming, I had wrapped up the season by competing at my first ever regionals, I was offered a spot in Senior Black! I turned the spot down and opted to go into Senior Green for the beginning of my second year of swimming.

Halfway through my second year I was offered Senior Black again and I decided to take it. While swimming in Senior Black I was able to qualify for my first Provincial Championships and I was offered a spot in the High-Performance group. I was so nervous to swim with High-Performance and my third year of swimming after having only been swimming for such a short amount of time. My first year in High-Performance was incredible, with the help of coach Hans and an amazing team I was able to qualify for my first Eastern Canadian Championships and Junior Nationals. 

I couldn’t wait to start my next season with High-Performance. I told coach Hans at the beginning of the year that I had some pretty big goals for this season and he looked at me and said “okay... let’s do it”, and we did! This most recent year was my best year yet. I broke three club records, qualified for Junior and Senior Nationals and qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials in two events. 

My goals for the next season are equally difficult but completely within my reach with the support from the Barrie Trojan Swim Club. I just signed with Oakland University for Fall 2021, where I have received a full scholarship for four years.

As I progressed through the levels of the club so quickly, my family was more aware of the increasing costs in every level that I moved up. Luckily my parents supported me the whole way and were eager to help me achieve all my goals. They were able to offset some of the costs and expenses that come with being a High-Performance athlete (the meets, the training, the travelling etc) by working with Delta Bingo Gaming. 

Delta Bingo Gaming has been a huge supporter to the Barrie Trojan Swim Club and many of the families who have volunteered.  Although things are a big different this year, they continue to support our team in tremendous ways.


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