BTSC Welcomes New Members! - A Delta Bingo Impact Story

Anette Nossiter

BTSC Welcomes New Members!- A Delta Bingo Impact Story


BTSC held their fall tryouts to join the competitive team. With the support of Delta Bingo Funding we were able to pay for additional pool space which then allowed for 10 new members to join the club!  


Please welcome the newest BTSC Members, who were able to join by the funding from Delta Bingo for more pool space and time.  

Meet new member Tessa, age 6. Tessa is very excited for her first year with BTSC. She has spent countless hours at the pool watching her big sister train and compete, and now it’s her turn! 

Meet new member Sam, age 8. This is Sam's first time doing competitive swimming and so happy to join the team for something to look forward to in the pandemic times.


Meet new member Brynn, age 7.  Brynn loved swimming in the BTSC swim school and is really excited to learn new skills and meet new friends!

Delta Bingo Gaming has been a huge supporter to the Barrie Trojan Swim Club and many of the families who have volunteered.  Although things are a big different this year, they continue to support our team in tremendous ways.


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DID YOU KNOW?  The funds raised from charitable gaming goes back to each of the communities that the centres are apart of. These funds help with a variety of key initiatives from equipment for hospitals, support to local animal shelters to supporting local sports groups for children and so much more.