BTSC Website  - is the primary means of communication between the Club, Coaches and its Members.  Parents and swimmers are expected to check the website for updates on a regular basis. 

Email Communication - emails will be sent out regularly and as required to advise members of BTSC business.  It is expected that replies to emails be received by stated deadlines. 

Green Drop Off Boxes -  Green boxes are located at the Allandale Recreation Centre (beside the equipment room) and at the East Bayfield Recreation Centre (Upper Gallery).  Both boxes are kept locked. This is the depository for any written information, fundraising proceeds and anything else that should remain under lock and key until the appropriate person picks it up. 

Parent’s Meetings - Parent’s Meetings are conducted at the request of coaches. Senior swimmers are encouraged to attend with their parents. Junior and Novice swimmers may attend but generally do not find the meetings stimulating. These meetings provide parents with an opportunity to receive updates on progress, meet schedules and training plans. Questions can be asked and concerns expressed. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Record Board - Club’s individual and team records are displayed in the upper level of the pool viewing area at the Allandale Recreation Centre. A few of these records date back to the 1980s but many have been set in recent years by current swimmers.  Trojan swimmers also hold Regional records. They are marked by a green star in the record board.  Club records are also available on the website

General Meetings - The Barrie Trojan Swim Club is a corporation, made up of parent members, and is required to hold two general meetings each year. The first, held in October, is for the purpose of presenting the budget and outlining the year’s program. The second, held in June, is for the purpose of the election of directors and the provision of a financial report. All members (parents) are encouraged to attend these two important meetings.

BTSC Social Events - Aside from individual groups of swimmers planning social events and fundraising extravaganzas the BTSC has a tradition of four social events that it strives to maintain. Swimmers and families are invited to attend them all. They are:

  • “Kick Off” in September, early October – Meet the coaching staff.
  • “Christmas Breakfast” in December
  • “Swim-a-thon Event” in late March/early April to celebrate the swim-a-thon
  • “Awards Banquet” in late June to finish the season off.