How to sign up for a Meet - CLICK HERE!


Swim meets are an added expense for parents so BTSC has to be very careful to ensure that swimmers are going to meets that will benefit them and that parents have the last say in making the decision to spend the money.

Developmental meets also known as Devo meets generally cost $25 for the total events entered plus the fair share of coaching expenses.

Home and away meets (not including devo meets) cost approximately $9-$12 for each event entered and if travel and accommodation for the coach is involved then the each swimmer is expected to pay for their fair share of the coaching costs. Coaching costs depend on number of days, type of travel and the number of swimming that attend.

There can be as many as 18 individual events and 4 relays for males and females in a swim meet. Each swim meet offers a variety of events and distances depending on the age group and classification. Typically, each swimmer will be entered into 3 individual events per day plus a relay.

Steps to Signing Up

1. Meet invitations are sent out via email to the eligible swimmers as soon as the meet package is received from the hosting club. Coaching staff determine the eligible swimmers but are always open to parent input and have been known on occasion to miss someone, so do not hesitate to check with them. Ideally this happens about two weeks prior to the meet but sometimes the meet packages do not arrive in time for this kind of notice.

2. A deadline for your response will be emailed to you. All meets will have an automatic “YES” commitment. Parents must respond by the designated dates if their swimmer CAN NOT attend the meet. If you DO NOT reply, your swimmer will be automatically entered into that meet and all fees will be charged to your account.

3. The deadline date on the invitation and on the BTSC website is also the last possible date to change your mind from a previous response. You will notice that the Meet Package also has a deadline date. This date is usually 1 to 2 weeks after our deadline date. This allows BTSC enough time to compile and submit the entries to the Host Club. Our deadline date is the only real date for BTSC members.

4. If you do reply confirming attendance at the meet OR if your swimmer backs out at a later date including due to illness you will be required to pay for all meet expenses . It is important that everyone realizes that once BTSC has entered a swimmer in a meet, the related meet and coach’s fees are non-refundable. The meet fees are not refunded by the hosting club when swimmers cancel or do not show. The coaching fees have already been calculated to be shared among the entered swimmers.  If your swimmer does not subsequently swim you are still responsible to pay all fees (meet fees +coaching related costs).

5. Once the swimmers have been entered by the coaches in the meet, the events will be posted to your account on the website. Please sign into your BTSC account ( to view which events your swimmer is entered in. Please refer to the meet package (found under forms/documents on the event listing) for details of when events are scheduled. If you have any questions about a meet including the events your swimmer is signed up for, contact the coach.

6. Shortly after the meet, the meet fees will be posted to your account. On the 15th of each month a summary invoice will be emailed to you for you to review the invoice items and able you time to have an errors corrected. All invoice items will be billed to your credit card on the first of each month and your account will also be updated on the website. Swimmer’s who have outstanding meet fees, even if they didn’t swim at a meet that they signed up for, will be notified and not be invited to another meet until the account is settled. This direction is necessary to ensure that no parent and swimmer are left carrying a cost for someone else’s commitment.

Please note, after attending swim meets or club activities all fees will be applied to your account.  Fees related to meets will be the 'splash fees', fees for relays and related coaching costs.  Our Coaches are paid, $0.45/km and receive a per diem of $40/day, along with reimbursement for any parking expenses.  Occasionally a coach or two will stay in a hotel if there are late nights and early mornings at a distance.  These costs are compiled for the coaches who attended the meet and divided equally amongst all swimmer families competing in that meet.  This cost is anywhere from $8-20 per swimmer.  On the 1st of every month the Team Unify system will automatically bill the total invoice amount to your credit card which is on your account.  

For any account related questions including fees billed contact the Operations Manager at [email protected]