Most meets happen away from our local pools. It is usually the responsibility of parents to transport their swimmer to and from away meets. Families often economize in time and expense by car pooling.

When a large number of swimmers are competing in an event at a location two or more hours away from Barrie BTSC gives consideration to organizing a team trip also known as a chaperoned swim meet.  If the club is undertaking a team trip, the expectation is that all swimmers will travel as a group and participate as a team. In this event all costs for travel, accommodation and food is covered equally by the swimmers attending. Chaperones are provided, as arranged by the Board, and swimmers are oriented to the expected behaviors.

BTSC usually plans one to two team trips a year for provincial aged swimmers and up. Meets resulting in a team trip usually have qualifying time standards, thus making not every swimmer eligible. National level swimmers travel as a team more often when championship meets are scheduled outside of the province.

Please refer to the Meet Schedule for your swimmer's age group for the Chaperoned Meets on the website under Programs/Meet Schedule.