The success of a Swim Club is dependent on active parent involvement and participation.

The BTSC recognizes both the generosity and necessity of volunteers to host swim meets.  It takes approximately 50 people to effectively run each session of a competitive swim meet. Volunteering at a BTSC home swim meet presents a unique opportunity for parents to participate in their athlete’s competitive experience while contributing to the overall success of the club.

This policy describes the requirements of all BTSC members to meet a volunteer obligation during home swim meets. It is the policy of the BTSC that all families with a swimmer participating in a competitive home swim meet shall adhere to the following:


Family Designate: A BTSC swimmer’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s), a swimmer over the age of 12 with the requisite officiating certification(s), or a delegate whom the swimmer’s parent(s) or legal guardian has appointed to fulfill the duty.

Home Meet:  A sanctioned competitive swim meet which is hosted by the BTSC.

Volunteer: An altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain, to benefit another person, group or organization.


  1. All BTSC families shall appoint one or more family designates to fulfill their volunteer obligations for home competitive swim meets at which their athlete is competing.
  2. Family designates shall be identified via the online Team Unify system when registering for BTSC home meets.
  3. Each family with one or more swimmers competing in a competitive home meet shall work a minimum of two (2) meet sessions.  ​
  4. BTSC meet management, in conjunction with the Operations Manager shall track member volunteer participation at home meets.
  5. Families who do not meet the minimum volunteer requirements for a given home meet shall have a $50.00 fee per missed session add to their BTSC fees.

Any monies collected via this policy shall be directed back to active volunteering officials via the Officials Incentive Program.