The success of a Swim Club is dependent on active parent involvement and participation. The BTSC recognizes both the generosity and necessity of volunteers to host swim meets. It takes approximately 50 people to effectively run each session of a competitive swim meet. Volunteering at a BTSC home hosted swim meet presents a unique opportunity for parents to participate in their athlete’s competitive experience while contributing to the overall success of the club.

The Volunteer Officials Obligation and Incentive Policy describes the requirements of all BTSC members to meet the volunteer obligation during home-hosted swim meets, as well as the volunteer incentives in place.


●   Each BTSC family with one (1) or more swimmers competing in a home-hosted swim meet shall work a minimum of two (2) meet sessions. See Procedure below.

●  All BTSC officials must be registered as an official with Swim Ontario.

●  It is mandatory that all BTSC officials have completed the Introduction to Swimming Officiating clinic.

●  All BTSC swim families in their second year or beyond are encouraged to take a minimum of one (1) additional clinic per year.

●  Families in their second year or beyond are encouraged to sign up for official positions other than timekeeping in order to allow room on deck for the first year families to gain officiating experience.

For more information about officiating, see Officiating Opportunities.

If you have questions about officiating or need help with signing up, please email [email protected].


  1. All BTSC families shall appoint one or more family member(s) or designate(s) to fulfill their volunteer obligations for home-hosted swim meets at which their athlete is participating.
  2. The Team Unify system will be used to register officials for home-hosted swim meets.
  3. Each family with one (1) or more swimmers competing in the home-hosted swim meet shall work a minimum of two (2) meet sessions.
  4. Families who do not meet the minimum volunteer requirements for a home hosted swim meet at which their athlete is participating shall have a $50.00 fee per missed session added to their BTSC fees.
  5. Any monies collected as a result of missed volunteer requirements will be directed back to active volunteering officials through the Officials Incentive Program.
  6. As per the Officials Incentive Program, families who go above and beyond the minimum requirement to assist the club with the running of our home hosted swim meets (e.g. participate in excess of two (2) sessions per home host swim meet) will be recognized by sharing in a portion of the proceeds from unmet volunteer requirements. A total of 30% of the Officials Incentive Program fund shall be used for the meet incentive. To ensure transparency, the fund of available resources generated from unmet volunteer requirements shall be published at the start of the season for BTSC members.



To sign up for an officiating position, log into the team website -> click the EVENTS button -> click Team Events tab -> click the Job Signup button on the right for the appropriate event. This will bring you to the Job Signup page. Click on the job that you want to sign up for and then click the Signup button at the top or bottom of the screen. 

Note that some positions require prior training (for example Timekeeper or Judge of Strokes/ Inspector of Turns). Please ensure you have taken the requisite clinic(s) prior to signing up for positions.



We understand that sometimes families can't be on deck to assist when BTSC is hosting a meet. For this reason, you can arrange to have someone else work a session on your behalf, and your account will still be credited.

Once you arrange with someone to work on your behalf, sign-up for the job (so your family gets the credit), but be sure to enter the name of the person who will actually be attending the meet to work the session.

To find someone to cover for you, we suggest you use the member directory on our website to contact other families in the club:

  1. Login to your account at www.barrieswimming.ca
  2. In the side menu click Team Tools > Member Search
  3. Search for a name, search using a Roster Group, or click Display ALL.
  4. Select one or all accounts
  5. Click Print Member Directory

Note that families can choose to opt-out of being listed in the Membership Directory in their account settings.

You can use this contact information to ask if someone can work a session on your behalf at a home swim meet, perhaps offering to cover for their family at the next meet when your availability is better.