Each member will responsible for the following fees:

  1. Full registration fees for the entire season (even if your swimmer does not swim the entire year)
  2. All meet fees as incurred.  BTSC pays all meet fees in advance. Once a swimmer has declared for a meet, they incur the obligation to pay for a meet (regardless if they attend or not). This applies to both away and home meets.
  3. All association fees: SNC (Swimming/Natation Canada) and Swim Ontario Fees
  4. All fundraising fees. These can either be raised through fundraising activities or paid by the member.
  5. Any penalties charged for failing to volunteer at hosted swim meets. Members who do not work the required sessions will be charged $50 per session missed.

BTSC has a "No Refund" policy.

Fee schedule: For members who have selected 3 installments, the payments are due:

  1. At time of registration
  2. November 1st
  3. December 1st

Note: 3 installments can only be used by members who register by Oct 1st.

There will be 2 times a year that the fees will be discounted: 

  • If your swimmer joins the Club after December 1
  • If your swimmer joins the Club after March 1 

For more information, click on the links below:


*fundraising installments are due on March 1 and June 1 each year