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Oct 8 Liam

Goal Setting Strategies

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The goal setting process for swimmers of all ages

Oct 15 Casey   Recovery Strategies for Swimmers Sore, tired swimmers need recovery techniques other than skipping practice
Oct 22 Liam Basic Nutrition The nuts and bolts of nutrition for athletes, what to eat, when to eat.
Oct 29 Hans OUA Coaches Panel Discussion University coaches discuss their programs and answer questions from HS swimmers hoping to continue their swimming career
Nov 5 Liam Strength Training for Swimming What swimmers need, how strong, how much?
Nov 12 Hans Mental Training Tools Basic Mental Training tools every swimmers can use and how to use them
Nov 19 Liam Swim Life Balance Managing time for not just swimming, but life (i.e. sleep, school, social, you time, dryland, recovery, meals)
Dec 1 Hans How to Swim Across a Lake

With special guest Vicki Keith

Dec 10 Casey Foam Rolling


Dec 17 Liam Preparing for Competition Establishing a routine for competition, race tactics, warm down, between events



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