Welcome to the Cambridge Aquajets

We are a non profit, competitive swim club operating out of several pools in the City of Cambridge.

The Cambridge Aquajet Swim Club is run by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from the Club's parent membership.

The Club has around 150 swimmers who are involved in many levels of training.

Most new swimmers begin in our novice program. They swim twice a week for an hour each time. For practice schedules check under the Novice tab. Tryouts are required for proper placement within our programs. Tryouts can be arranged by contacting our head coach Ron Campbell at [email protected].

The top swimmers in the Club train 7-8/ week including dry land activities.

The swim season for novices begins in September and concludes in June with an optional summer program. Swimmers at higher levels practice throughout the year with a short break at the end of August.

The Club seeks to introduce young people to the joys of being an athlete:  Practice and competition preparation, eating right, time management skills, showing proper conduct after victory and loss are all part of the experience.

We encourage novice swimmers to try other sports to develop their athletic abilities.

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved as well.   The Club helps those interested in becoming swimming officials to "move up the ladder" 

We do several group activities through the year as well including a tubing night and a family picnic.

For more information about the club and our policies view our Handbook